Because how else are you going to watch Worldstar on your Xbox?

It's time for you to go Tarzan on Vines and find hours of entertaining videos that are only seconds long now that the Xbox Wire announced the launch of the Vine App for Xbox One. All Xbox Live members on Xbox One (let's be honest, you're not going to shell out all that money for a current-gen system and skip out on its online services), are able to grab the Vine app, which allows you to explore the world of short, looping vids. Throw in Kinect voice controls and motion controls so you can play, pause and browse, and you're good to go watch how people find strange ways to entertain themselves when they have access to a video recording device. You can explore channels, find the most popular Vine accounts, make/view playlists and much more.

Download the Vine App on Xbox One for free via the Xbox Store.