Before today, I had no idea that a Dolmus is a taxi used in Turkey, and these yellow minibuses travel through the streets of Istanbul. I usually learn absolutely nothing from most of the apps I play, and credit the Dolmus Driver developers for teaching me a thing or two about the world outside my door. If I really wanted to learn, however, I'd go to school, and most of my iPad hours are spent as a form of mental escape. So did Dolmus Driver take me to my intended destination?

The objective is to pick up as many passengers as possible as you navigate your way through the hectic thoroughfares of the metropolis. Even though you can tap the left side of your iPad to brake, don't expect to drive with a light foot, as failing to make a timed checkpoint will end your game. Crashing into other automobiles will also put an end to your taxi shift.

Dolmus Driver

Armed with a jetpack that attaches to the roof, the dolmus is an exceedingly fast vehicle once you press the NOS icon, which is located on the lower right side of your tablet. Using this power up will help you make the checkpoints in an easier fashion, but make sure it's used sparingly or you'll run out of this extra boost at an inopportune moment.

The title's strongest feature is the ability to also drive and pick up passengers on the wrong side of the street. Although almost a guarantee to put a crashing end to your dolmus, it definitely opens up your driver's range of choices. If traffic is slowing you down, just switch on the wrong lane, avoid the oncoming traffic, and swerve back when the coast is clear.

If you want to continue the game even after you were hit or failed in checkpoint trial, you can continue the game with your earned currency. Each time you go to this fall back option it will cost even more money to ensure the Dolmus' survival. Once all that money runs out, you'll decided whether this game is worth an in-app purchase.

Dolmus Driver

As much as I love hearing the language and sounds from another country, Dolmus Driver didn't entirely win me over. It's way too easy to die after getting hit, and a few power ups that could have tricked up the vehicle would have given this game that extra kick. It's fun to use the iPad as the Domus' wheel, and the tilting control works just fine.

Dolmus Driver ends up being just passable entertainment, and even though it's understandable to make things difficult for the player and eventually draw them into making further in-app purchases, the title already stands at $1.99. A selection of drivers and vehicles would have given us more options to play around with, but instead we are given only one choice. To employ another driver and explore a different map, you'll need to collect a lot more money down the road.

There are just too many racing games in the iOS universe to warrant extended play on Dolmus Driver. The tilting mechanic is nice, and I love driving on the wrong side of the street, but a few more bells and whistles would have elevated this racing experience. For a couple of bucks, a few bones thrown our way would have made this Dormus worth hailing. Until then, just let this taxi pass you by.


App Store Link: Dolmus Driver HD for iPad | Gripati Digital | Price: $1.99 | Version: 1.0 | 102 MB | Rating: 4+

4.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating