It's unfathomable to imagine a universe where every Mickey Mouse corner hasn't been covered, but Disney Hidden Worlds gives us an entirely different angle to its world. Hidden object centric titles may be simplistic for the discerning gamer, but journeying back to some of our happiest places doesn't require too much prodding. After all, Disney directly connects with our thirst for imagination, and it's a blessing that these worlds continue to exist.

Disney Hidden Worlds is a free download, and you can disable in-app purchases right from the get go. Every app needs to generate its share of revenue, but thankfully fiscally  conscious players can still enjoy the title without leaving any of their real money behind. Each mission you undertake will cost a certain amount of energy, and after several games you may have to wait a healthy share of minutes to replenish your resources.

Since the objective is to find select items within a given environment, Disney Hidden World's isn't an addictive experience, so don't expect your frustration level to reach an all time high when your energy is depleted. Instead, just luxuriate amidst all the beautiful surroundings you've traversed, and be patient. Dreaming takes a bit of time, even if you're in the middle of Main Street.

Instead of following the adventures of animation's most iconic characters, you join up with a young woman named Chrona and a group called the Inklings. Their job is to keep the Disney Kingdom up and running, even though a shadowy villain is bent on splattering this halcyon terrain with darkness. After completing different stages by finding all of the objects, you'll gain experience points and specialized materials such as potions to help craft different items. Following the story of Chrona while she aids the worlds of Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and Aladdin gives the app a welcome layer of depth.

My favorite feature lies in the ability to zoom in on an image with the use of two fingers. The primary goal behind this close-up command is to help you find what you're exactly looking for, but as long as you tap everywhere on your screen, you'll be able to master the app in seconds flat. Personally, I'm using my camera to get an up close and personal look at a wistful Belle, one of my favorite Disney characters.

Disney Hidden Worlds is that rare title which should keep growing. Next week, The Little Mermaid universe will be available as an app update, and one expects even more Disney characters to find their way into the game. If the ensuing additions continue to exist as a free download, but considering the content that's already available, putting a price tag on future worlds is understandable.

This is also a great title for kids of all ages, as it consistently teaches us that, with a little concentration and imagination, our creativity is limitless.

Disney Hidden Worlds may not be as hidden as it wants to be, as this app is a complete cinch to play. But visiting these lands with the touch and tap of a finger will always be a sublime experience. Any friend of Mickey's is a friend of mine, even if I need a few Inklings to remind me.

App Store Link: Disney Hidden Worlds for iPhone & iPad | By Walt Disney  | Price: Free | Version: 1.2.1 |  79.6 MB | Rating 4+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating