Harmonix, creators of the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises, is hard at work on their next project, Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This latest trailer shows the game in action.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved is the spiritual successor to the 1940 film, Fantasia, and its 2000 sequel, Fantasia 2000. Players take on the role of the Sorcerer’s apprentice, and use rhythmic motions to animate desolate worlds created by the Sorcerer. Unlike other Harmonix games, Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved does not use a scoring system, meaning players can’t fail. Instead, players can collect magical energy, allowing them to unlock new items.

The advent of motion controllers and the Kinect have made the dance/rhythm genre explode into the homes of traditional and non-traditional gamers, so Harmonix working on another entry in this field makes perfect sense. Still, I can’t watch this video and think of anything other than Wii Music, the last game to use music, flailing and no scoring system. While Wii Music sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, it was universally panned and largely forgotten by most players.

Perhaps Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved will offer a meatier experience than Nintendo’s video music toy, and with the Harmonix pedigree, we're inclined to be a bit more optimistic. However, the news that Microsoft is going to soon be offering an Xbox One sans Kinect will surely eat into the potential audience for Fantasia.