The graphical capabilities of video games are going to be significantly changed with the introduction of this newest edition of DirectX.

The official DirectX Developer Blog has publicly announced details with regard to DirectX 12 in order to coincide with its official unveiling at the 2014 Game Developers Conference this morning. For those who do not know, DirectX12 is the newest incarnation of Direct3D, which is a fundamental piece of a game's engine. Direct3D 12 will allow developers to create lusher environments, maintain more objects on the screen at once and offer a more in-depth use of the graphics processing unit of whatever device is being used to visualize the game being played/developed. Direct3D 12 will be utilized across smart devices, laptops, desktops and Xbox One.

Direct3D 12 will also allow games to utilize the CPU more efficiently and improve multithread scaling. In the end, collision detection and geometric culling will also be improved as well. This means that anything done with Direct3D 12 is going to look awfully pretty. At the GDC, Microsoft played a graphical tech demo of Forza Motorsport 5 running on a PC with Direct3D 12 being used in its presentation, and it looked magnificent.

Microsoft is expecting DirectX 12 and Direct3D 12 kits to be reaching developers sometime in late 2015. While this seems far, this is highly significant for video game graphics in the long run. In related news, NVIDIA has also stated that it has been already giving out drivers and DirectX 12 development kits to about 15 developers so far in order to start preparing for this advanced technology.