The ability to download an upcoming game prior to its release for the sake of accessing it faster upon its launch date might soon be coming to the PlayStation 4.

According to CVG, Sucker Punch Productions' Twitter page said the ability to pre-load game downloads before the game's actual release will be on its way in April. The Infamous: Second Son studio has directly said on its Twitter that the pre-loading feature will be activated in a PlayStation 4 update that will hit North America next month. Unfortunately, there were no statements made in regards to the rest of the world in terms of pre-loading titles.

The likelihood of this being true is high due to Sucker Punch Productions being a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment. A PS4 system update is soon on its way, offering a 'HDCP off' function, which allows players to capture gameplay footage through their HDMI cable using a video capture card and will also let players save their gameplay footage onto a USB drive. The ability to pre-load downloadable games prior to their release on the PlayStation Network could possibly be included on this update as well.