DICE's swansong to Battlefield 4, the Final Stand DLC expansion, is coming soon.

The official Battlefield Blog has revealed the release date for the last downloadable content expansion to Battlefield 4, Final Stand. This DLC expansion is all about snow-filled maps and futuristic weaponry. Final Stand will add new vehicles, such as the Snowmobile, Hovertank and a new chopper to the game's already impressive list of transport. Advanced warfare weaponry (pun intended) includes the Rorsch MK-1, which is a heavy duty railgun that can obliterate all sorts of opposition. In terms of maps being added, Operation Whiteout takes place during a Siberian blizzard. Hangar 21 is a military base filled with high tech hardware. Hammerhead takes place in a submarine dock. Lastly, the Giants of Karelia map contains a ghost town that is a front for a secret weapons facility.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand will launch on Nov. 18 for those with a Premium membership to the game. Those who have not purchased a Premium membership will have to wait until Dec. 2 to participate in Battlefield 4's last hurrah.

Try not to get emotional: