The war reaches its conclusion in the fifth and final DLC expansion for Battlefield 4, Final Stand, which is revealed in this new trailer.

This new trailer for Battlefield 4: Final Stand has left us in awe in seeing this fantastic shooter reach its last expansion. As with the China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike and Dragon's Teeth expansions, Battlefield 4 will be getting some new maps, new weapons and new vehicles. While we didn't get to see much of the new weapons, we did get to see some of the new rides. Most of the vehicles were unmanned and weren't in action, but we did get to see the new, state-of-the-badass-art attack choppers. Even more impressive was the hovering tank. That's right -- it's a full-sized tank that is floating like a hovercraft.

In terms of new maps, Operation Whiteout takes place on a snow-topped mountain with plenty of wind tunnels and small buildings to hide in. Hammerhead is a deserted, Russian military base that is in a frozen region similar to Whiteout. Giants of Karelia takes place in the warmer, southern areas of Russia throughout a forest-covered military complex that has small ghost town around it to keep it disguised. The last map we saw, Hangar 21, is a futuristic military base filled with all sorts of high-tech gear that would make Jonathan Irons feel jealous.

Battlefield 4 reaches the end of the war when its last downloadable content expansion, Final Stand, launches sometime this fall. Battlefield 4 Premium members will have exclusive access to the Final Stand DLC two weeks prior to its worldwide release.