Two new social features are coming to Diablo 3 to help the nephalem stand up to the might of the Angel of Death: Clans and Communities.

A post on the Diablo 3 blog gives us a first look at clans and communities. Clans are basically like guilds and allow you and a bunch of players with similar interests, gameplay schedules or goals to keep in constant communication and game together. Clans are meant to be small, so the member cap is set at 120 players. You can only get into a clan through an invitation. Players can only be in one clan at a time, so choose your clan well!

Communities are different in that they are larger and meant to be a more casual means of communication between players. According to the post, communities are "designed to be a place where players can come together for any number of reasons, including playing the same class, frequenting the same fan sites, or living in the same geographical area." So rather than banding together to get something accomplished in the game, communities are meant more for communication and socialization.

Check the link above to see the nitty gritty details about clans and communities, including how to create and manage them. With these social tools, you'll be able to band together to conquer Reaper of Souls when it's released on March 25.