It wouldn't be a Bungie first-person shooter unless there was some form of competitive multiplayer involved.

Destiny may have had its gear-based sense of progression and grind inspired by the Diablo series, but it still intends on delivering a quality level of player vs. player gameplay, Eurogamer reports. By reaching the level cap in Destiny, your focus will be on finding the best gear possible while exploring higher levels and more challenging areas of combat. It is also this focus on gear and skills that has inspired Bungie to put a lock on Destiny's player vs. player combat until its new adventurers are ready.

While Halo's PvP gameplay would always provide a balanced, level playing field for multiplayer at the beginning of every match, Destiny will not be the same. Instead, Destiny is going to be oriented towards its gear-based sense of gameplay. This means that your capabilities in multiplayer are going to be based on your level, equipment, weapons and abilities. In order to prevent players in starter gear from flocking straight into the Destiny's multiplayer just to be out-gunned and mowed down by a player with better gear or skills, the ability to enter PvP combat must be unlocked through Destiny's main campaign. Bungie claims that unlocking this will take a few hours minimum. The good news is that once you unlock PvP, all of the other characters on your account can also join in on some competitive multiplayer.

Be prepared for a date with Destiny when it arrives on Sept. 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Pre-ordering Destiny will offer access to its beta, which will be opening first for PS3 and PS4 and eventually Xbox 360 and Xbox One.