The revamped website for Bungie's original sci-fi FPS lets us into the world of Destiny. Surprisingly, this world actually turns out to be our own with a few other surprising locations.

Destiny's updated website introduces us to the three character classes we will get to choose from before setting out into this massive, open world first-person shooter. In the world of Destiny, a majestic being called the Traveler terraformed Mars and Venus (possibly the moon as well), which allowed lifeforms to settle on these planets. Unfortunately, the Traveler's ancient foe, described as the "Darkness," followed it to our solar system. The Traveler nearly sacrificed itself to save the ghost/elf-inspired Exos, humanity and the Awoken, a sentient machine race, from the Darkness. Now, these races are trying to reclaim the ruined areas of Mars, Venus, the moon and Earth that were decimated by the Darkness. During this whole Traveler/Darkness escapade, alien races have entered our solar system trying to claim these areas as well.

Players may choose one out of three character classes which dictates their preexisting story along with their abilities on the battlefield. Warlocks follow in the path of the Traveler as they have tried to learn its mystical powers. In order to find the secrets left by the Traveler before the Darkness arrived, your Warlock character must venture out into the ruins that most would deem too dangerous to explore. Titans are timeless defenders that help defend the last major city on Earth and have built the city's massive walls which protects what is left of humanity. Unfortunately, they must now venture beyond the walls of sanctuary to find a more definitive solution to the world's problems. Hunters have always been accustomed to life outside the walls and embrace the challenge of what they can find in the Darkness-corrupted areas of the wilds.

Even though there are three main classes, the different types of guns, armor pieces, skins and various other cosmetic and gameplay-altering pieces of equipment will make every character unique and stand out from each other in Destiny's multiplayer ventures.

In terms of enemies, Bungie has definitely shown us some of the uglier sides of life to be found in the Darkness-corrupted areas of space. Opposing the Awoken, the Vex are a machine race made of a brass-like material that are relentless, calculating and remind us very much of the Geth. The Cabal is a professional military group that openly settle Darkness-corrupted areas of space and have the firepower and organization to safely do so. Unfortunately, they also shoot at any lifeforms who don't belong to their group, which includes the likes of you. The Fallen are a part of the indigenous lifeforms you will encounter in the wild, who have evolved to survive in the most harsh of environments. Lastly, the Hive live in the deepest reaches of the Moon's underground caverns, where they have remained lurking until the Darkness came. Luckily, there are going to be a lot of bullets for you to pass around, regardless of whatever warm reception you might get.

Destiny is slated for a Sept. 9 release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Shooters who pre-order Destiny (whether online or at participating retail stores) can anticipate getting into Destiny’s exclusive beta, which will be happening later this summer. Unfortunately, PlayStation 3 and 4 players will be getting access to Destiny's beta first during the summer while Xbox 360 and Xbox One players have yet to hear of a definitive window as to when they may partake in Destiny's beta (we're expecting mid-to-late August).