The next patch for Bungie's shooter epic Destiny has been detailed over on, and it will be addressing some big time concerns echoed from the legion of players for some time now.

The patch, which is currently being called 1.1.2, has "yet to arrive at a locked list of guaranteed features" according to Bungie representatives, but there are a few things being prioritized by the dev team for this new update. The blog first addresses the confined Vault Space that Guardians currently have to store their precious loot after raids, so you can collect all the gear and drops you want and save them for you alts without worrying about space. Next is a promise to fix some of the worst bugs in the game's two big raids, or as Bungie describes it: "there are times when Atheon and Crota can be uncooperative, so we’re tackling their worst bugs."

Outside of raids, Bungie is also focusing on changes to Strikes and the Crucible. With Strike missions, Bungie admits that hard numbers show some missions are being completed far less frequently than others, so the team will explore why players are quitting and try to change whatever is frustrating them. On the Crucible side, the team is trying their best to figure out how how to best allocate secondary and heavy ammo evenly for both sides.

If nothing else, these patch diaries prove that Bungie is listening to players' desires and striving to change their game for the better with every single update. Not many other game developers show that kind of dedication, and for that we applaud the Bungie team. Now bring back the loot cave, dammit.