One talented Guardian soloed the end-game content of Destinythe biggest first-person shooter of 2014, without firing a single shot.

Destiny player Sunshadowr managed to beat Crota's End, its end-game Raid, solo, without firing a single bullet by beating the crap out of his enemies with melee attacks and a ton of grenades. VG247 reports that Sunshadowr posted videos of his solo run of Crota's End to Reddit, resulting in all the other Guardians getting jealous of his skills. It seems that there are many different boss encounters that Sunshadowr has run through without using guns. I'm not sure why he woke up one day and decided he was going to solo this Raid without the use your primary, secondary or heavy weapon, but hey, more power to him.

You can check out his solo, bullet-free Crota fight above and below you can check out some of his other encounters that he managed to complete using the same method.

First up, there's the Thrall Abyss that he completed with relative ease:

Then there's the Bridge sequence:

Finally, he took on the Deathsinger, which may have given him the most trouble. It's surprising that Crota wasn't his most challenging fight without firing any guns, but maybe that's because it was the highlight boss of the entire Raid. We must commend Sunshadowr for his excellent keep-away skills and his expert acrobatics that he used to safely navigate the Raid. He has definitely earned the praise of all the Guardians of the Tower.