When Bungie first killed the loot cave in Destiny, it said it halted game progression, but now it's come forth with the real reason it's been trashed.

Destiny has been getting updates that make people play the game the way Bungie wants them to for some time now, so we didn't give it much thought when the studio said it had taken out the infamous loot cave out because it negatively impacted player progression. IGN recently shed some light on why such a dark cave filled with continuously spawning, loot-dropping enemies would be removed.

Here is Bungie's original reason for closing up the loot cave:

Shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn't our dream for how Destiny is played. Our hope is that social engagement in public spaces is only one part of the Destiny experience. Expect changes soon which decrease the efficiency of cave farming and correspondingly increase engram drops from completing activities.

Bungie's user researcher, John Hopson, has come forward to say there were two main reasons for shutting down the loot cave: the loot wasn't up to par and there were simply too many people reporting one other because of it. Hopson explained that the drops by enemies killed in the loot cave simply weren't adding up to what players could get if they just actually played the game normally. However, no one realized this and seemed to rather sit outside a cave all day farming enemies than actually getting some cool loot the more traditional way. The significant increase in player reports during this time were due to players simply trolling the loot cave farmers — players would stand on top of the cave's spawn point to pester the farmers, preventing enemies from spawning and halting the loot from droping.

More thought was put into closing up the loot cave than the simple idea of "that's not how you're supposed to play," but what's your take on it? Do you still miss the loot cave and want it back or do you agree with Bungie's decision to take it out of Destiny?