Peter Dinklage shot into meme superstardom during the Destiny Alpha last month, where one of his more interesting lines of dialogue became an Internet hit, spawning jokes, memes and even a T-shirt. Unfortunately, with the Destiny Beta already underway, we're starting to learn of changes being made to the game, and the fan-favorite line has hit the chopping block.

Kotaku spotted a video by CVG detailing a few changes in dialogue and offered comparisons between the Alpha and the Beta. As the scene with the famous line passed, so too did the opportunity to speak it, signifying that the joke-launching exclamation has falled to the cutting room floor.

We're not entirely sure why Bungie would cut this line now, after everyone who played the Alpha (and watched the ensuing YouTube videos), has already heard it. If they're going to re-record it, fine, but just leaving it out entirely is silly at this point. If nothing else, we want more of those shirts to become available, as they sold out REALLY fast and not all of us were able to snag one.

The Destiny beta is already underway for  those who pre-ordered on PlayStation consoles, with the Xbox beta starting next week. The full Destiny game launches Sept. 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.