Guardians have found yet another one of Destiny's upcoming DLC areas.

As players found a way into The Terminus earlier this week in Destiny, someone has found a way into yet another seemingly closed off area of Destiny's upcoming expansion, The Dark Below, Polygon reports. YouTuber Se7ensins posted a step-by-step video depicting how he was able to find a hidden area on Mars, called The Hypogeum. As with reaching Terminus, triple jumps and precise landings are required to find The Hypogeum. Like Terminus, you can't do anything at The Hypogeum once you arrive -- it's just an open area, but the area is pretty on the eyes.

The Hypogeum area will be a part of an upcoming story mission in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion, which is expected to launch this December. The House of Wolves DLC expansion is going to launch in early 2015. Here's to hoping that Bungie adds some much-needed improvements to Destiny that the masses are hoping for with each of these expansions.