Looks like Rick Grimes and the rest of his crew from 'The Walking Dead' aren't the only ones who shouldn't have gone into Terminus.

According to Polygon, YouTuber Nowise10 posted a video depicting a special quarantined area of Destiny, "The Terminus." The Terminus is an area on Venus that will be used for Destiny's second big DLC expansion, The House of Wolves, which is expected to launch in early-to-mid 2015. We're guessing that Bungie didn't want to cut the content from the game just to add it back in as DLC in the future, so players have found a strange way to access this seemingly secret area.

Please note: you must be able to triple-jump to gain access to The Terminus.

Just do a Patrol Mission on Venus and head to The Citadel. Once inside The Citadel, find The Juncture and kill every enemy there. Once you find the Vex architect, you're going to have to jump up the left wall in the same way Nowise10 did in his video. Once you're high enough to reach the gravity lift, you can check out The Terminus. Unfortunately, it's pretty empty, minus the three Dead Ghosts you can find (which currently have no Grimoire Cards to unlock).