To Bungie's surprise, Guardians are quickly beating the new Hard Mode of Destiny's latest raid, Crota's End.

Destiny received a new Hard Mode for its popular raid, Crota's End, and with it came some staggering statistics. To start things off, Bungie announced that Crota's End: Hard Mode was beaten just 27 minutes after launch by a team of players called One and Done. The group describes itself as, "a newly formed clan of friends [whose] objectives have primarily been to have fun, and of course win as much as possible."

The second place record holders, tripleWRECK, streamed their playthrough on Twitch, beating the difficult raid in just 39 minutes. Some other exciting details about Crota's End: Hard Mode are the sheer amount of people playing it. A mere 24 hours after launch, the raid already had 557,354 attempts launched, which means roughly 3,344,124 Guardians were playing it.

Some more news for Destiny comes in the form of The Crucible's new Doubles Skirmish mode, which is a 2x2 Team Deathmatch. This game mode will feature 2v2 combat, heavy ammo that appears once per match and the ability to revive teammates.

While you play Destiny on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3, you may want to be on the look out for the 1,143,320 sharpshooters with newly acquired Icebreakers. That's right, over 1.1 million Guardians own that Exotic Sniper Rifle.

When the stopwatch is running, things get live: