Guardians have been studying the fine details of Bungie's first-person shooter, Destiny, to try and determine the location of its Tower hub, which is the last city on Earth.

VG247 reports that Redditors are working at hard at trying to zero-in on the location of the Tower, which is considered the last standing city on Earth in Destiny that wasn't destroyed by the Darkness. You can't really miss it -- it has the giant floating corpse of a celestial, moon-sized deity floating above it. Some Reddit users believe the Tower is located at Baffin Island, Canada, which were proved to be incorrect.

Based on the fact that shadows are always visible in the Tower, Reddit user Dwntwn_dine_ent_dist has established a table that shows when the sun rises and sets over the city, deducing that its location is likely near the equator (or the unlikely chance that the game is stuck in a perpetual equinox which only happens twice a year).

“Shadows of vertical objects cast on the level ground by the sun move counterclockwise,” Dwn said. “From this, it must be that the Tower (and the City) are in the southern hemisphere. This is consistent with the name 'North Tower,' which is roughly the northwest part of the Tower overall."

“On an equinox, an observer’s latitude is 90 degrees minus the altitude of the sun at local noon. The screenshot shows a shadow cast by a tall object at noon, as viewed directly from the side. It shows a latitude of about 29°.”

Based on the latitude degree found, Dwn believes that the Tower must be located in Australia, South Africa or South America. Due to the mountainous regions around the city, it is most likely Chile.

Of course, Destiny has its own set of problems and overlooked concepts. It could just be that Destiny's art team just wanted good-looking shadows on 24/7 while at the Tower hub and didn't really care about making its solar cycle and lighting as realistic as possible.

Mythbusters be praised.