In case you really just don't like DeeJ or his friends, Bungie is giving you the opportunity to kill him and earn a reward for it in its upcoming Destiny Bounty.

Apparently, if you've done a lot to help out Destiny and its community, Bungie is under the impression that you should be killed for it... and then give a (virtual) prize to the winner. This isn't Destiny's first Bounty, but this new one it's announced pretty specifically focuses on only Xbox 360 owners. Apparently, Bungie wants to give the owners of the last gen console a time to shine and get some Crucible experience, reputation and a few other goodies as well. The exact prizes for this bounty have yet to be revealed, but it did showcase an emblem that everyone who wins will get. It also mentioned a rare item of vanity that we can only guess at. Along with that mysterious note, at the bottom of the post there came another one which read, "Oh, and coming soon we're planning a Bounty that we think no one will claim."

While we'll have to stick around for the details on that last part, for now you can play the Control Bounty on Jan. 28 from 8PM-10PM EST on the Xbox 360 where you will be hunting down Louis Wu, Beorn, Gwatch Gil, XenosKB, Malagate and DeeJBNG.