We finally know when we will be able to test out all of those fantastic-looking guns and check out what's beyond the wall in Destiny's open beta.

Destiny's public beta will be starting in July, CVG reports. Activision Blizzard announced this information as it was presenting its financial results for the first-quarter of 2014. Bungie has confirmed that PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players will be getting access to the beta before Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will. Until this announcement, the studio had attached a general launch window of summer 2014 to its beta.

The only way to gain access to this beta at the moment, whether you're a PlayStation or Xbox owner, is to pre-order Destiny. Placing a pre-order at a participating retailer or towards the digital copy of Destiny will warrant access to this anticipated beta. Considering Bungie's previous engagements, we speculate that there will be some form of a small token, title or achievement testers will gain on their characters' account in the finalized version of the game to signify their participation in the beta.

Be prepared to save the last city on Earth when Destiny launches on Sept. 9 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.