Bungie changed its mind about having nothing from the Destiny beta carrying over to the final version of the game. Prepare to go to the Moon.

Update: This event is now closed. We have learned that Guardians were able to unlock this special emblem by finishing the Moon missions, which were only open for two hours yesterday.

According to a recent post on Bungie's Facebook, anyone who plays the Destiny beta starting today at 2:00 PM PST will earn an exclusive Emblem that will carry over to the game's official release. Emblems are customizable backgrounds for Guardian nameplates. Other players can see your Emblem in loading screens, Strike dungeons and Crucible matches. Many of these Emblems are tough to get, requiring Vanguard points, Crucible marks or a boatload of Glimmer before being able to get a specific one. Like most of the exclusive level 20 gear for sale in the Tower, there are plenty of prerequisites needed to get the rarer emblems that you simply can't accomplish during the beta.

Similar to how Bungie's Halo games had an insignia and other ways of proving you participated in its early beta tests, this exclusive beta emblem will show off to other Guardians that you played Destiny before playing Destiny was cool. Or at least, it will prove that you played Destiny's beta prior to its Sept. 9 release date on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.