A brand-new trailer for Destiny shows off a bit of gameplay from the planet of Venus. Whether or not they have Wizards there is yet to be seen.

Step up and explore Venus, a gigantic corpse of a planet, filled with titanic ruins and remnants of cities being taken back by nature. In this brief trailer, we see a Strike Team make their way through a lost paradise only to come face-to-face with hordes of the Fallen. We Guardians will have a lot to clean up once we start spreading across the stars again.

The trailer lasts for one-and-a-half minutes and features brief glimpses of gameplay, including high-level techniques such as the "Death from Above" mod for the "Fist of Havoc" skill. Look forward to employing skills like this and unloading with your weapons when Destiny is released on Sept. 9 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. Pre-ordering now will net you the Vanguard Armory for more weapons, gear and a unique player emblem.