The Destiny goodness just keeps on coming. This newest trailer gives us the lowdown on the Dust Palace Strike, which is exclusive to PlayStation.

A post on the PlayStation Blog features a walkthrough video for the Dust Palace Strike. In the walkthrough, Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements takes us to Mars in order to explore the city of Freehold. In this Strike, you and your Fire Team (you and two of your buddies), will spend about half an hour bringing down enemies like the Cabal in order to get to the Warmind artificial intelligence hidden deep within the city.

The video gives us a brief description of the different Cabal enemy types, such as the run-of-the-mill Legionary, the bulkier Centurions, the shielded Phalanx units, the explosive-spewing Colossi and the elite Psion Flayers, which are skilled baddies that use all kinds of pew-pew space magic to relegate you to the past tense. Pro-tip: use the color of their cloaks to determine which kind of ammo type will bring them down easily.

Each enemy type will require you to employ a different strategy to defeat them, so you better brush up on how to dust these Cabal pansies.

The Dust Palace Strike is exclusive to PlayStation consoles, as are the rewards you can earn from them. Check out the video above and await Destiny's release on Sept. 9, 2014.

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