For all you Guardians who are tired of the Tower and its lack of things to do asides from buying and handing things in, Bungie has revealed Destiny's new social hub, the Reef, where you can hand quests/bounties in and buy things.

Bungie has released a teaser trailer for Destiny's House of Wolves expansion, which showcases the Reef, which you couldn't previously explore as it was only the backdrop for a few of the game's cinematic story sequences. This teaser gives us a look at its dark and Fallen-filled environment. As expected, the area is filled with both Fallen and Awoken characters, as there appears to be some kind of small Fallen faction in the game who are kind to the Guardians' cause instead of the vast majority of them who shoot at you on sight. As expected, there are new bounty, armor, weapon and item vendors, as that was pretty much all the Tower has to offer. Let's just hope there's more to do this time around.

The Reef has a space scrapyard sort of vibe to it. Most of the areas revealed in the teaser take place in a ship hangar-like area. House of Wolves will include all kinds of new Missions, Strike, Crucible maps and will introduce a higher max level (34). Unfortunately, there's no new Raid coming with it, but one may come in a future patch. It also looks like Guardians' old Legendary and Exotic equipment can be upgraded so they're on par with House of Wolves gear and the new max level.

Destiny: House of Wolves launches on May 19 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.