Because nothing gets through the ever-watching eyes of the Internet, some super sleuths on Reddit have uncovered some unannounced information on the upcoming Destiny expansion, House of Wolves. We remind our readers to take this info with a grain of salt, as it was not yet officially confirmed by Bungie.

There's a ton of new info for Guardians to soak in, including notes on new story missions, strike missions, PvP changes, new social areas, and much more, and we assume that it will answer if not all pressing questions about what Bungie has planned in their upcoming expansion.

We're very interested in the Queen's Bay in the Reef being the new social Tower-like hub, and another new social spot on Mercury added for three-player groups, called the Halls of Amentet.

The three Story missions, "A Joining of Houses," "An Army of Wolves," and "The World Ravager," sound like something out of Game of Thrones rather than Destiny, so we expect some kind of epic battle to decide the fate of the universe (and that any important character could die at any time). The new Strike mission, "The Shadow Thief," will send players back to the Moon (where the wizards are, we hear) and task them with boarding the vessel of a mercenary in order to kill him and his team.

The Reddit post also details new PvP information including new maps, modes, and bounty requirements. Basically speaking, no matter what a Destiny player's preference might be, there's info for him or her in this post. We particularly are looking forward to the new social spaces, because there's not enough places in Destiny's world for us to dance. We just wish there was more for us to do, like race Sparrows.

Surprisingly, there is mention of a new Raid, called The Prison of Elders, where an "combat arena pits brave Guardian Fireteams against the solar system's deadliest enemies. Not all who enter survive, but those who do earn glory… and the greatest treasures of the Reef." This is strange since Bungie revealed there wouldn't be a new Raid included with this expansion, but one released some time after it debuts.

Destiny: House of Wolves is scheduled to launch May 19 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Check out the initial reveal and prologue trailer right here.