The Guardians have put each of their abilities and weapon types on full display in this action-packed trailer for Destiny.

"The Devil's Lair" trailer for Destiny follows three Guardian players going into an area where they must fight Hive and Fallen soldiers. These three Guardians must go deep beneath the Cosmodrome and destroy the Fallen's machine god as your team fights off the Hive and Fallen alike.

While Destiny's gameplay does look quite similar to Borderlands, we were surprised at how beautiful everything looks. The Guardian classes each seemed to play different roles while still being primarily focused on traditional first-person shooter mechanics. It was nice to see knives being thrown, nimble behind-the-back assassinations and various other flashy moves occurring throughout this Destiny trailer.

Expect to continue beyond the Cosmodome when Destiny arrives on Sept. 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Guardians who pre-order Destiny, whether online or at participating stores, should be getting into Destiny's beta, which will be happening this summer first for PS3 and PS4. Unfortunately, we have yet to find out any estimated window in regards to when Xbox 360 and Xbox One players can participate in Destiny's beta.