All sorts of juicy deets were leaked for Bungie's third supposed Destiny expansion, The Taken King.

Kotaku claims that marketing information for Destiny: The Taken King was recently leaked, revealing all kinds of details about the FPS' third expansion. This expansion will add a multitude of changes, including a new subclass for the Titan, Hunter and Warlock. The marketing sheet, sent anonymously to Kotaku and corroborated with other sources, reveals that The Taken King will cost $40 and will be offering much more than the game's previous expansions did. Each of the new subclasses will offer a new super ability. Hunters will get a void damage-based gravity bow, Titans will get a solar-based, flaming hammer and Warlocks will get an arc-powered electrical storm attack. This rounds out each class to finally having access to all major element types with each of their super abilities.

As you would expect, there are new Strikes, Missions and Crucible maps being added. In particular, The Taken King will feature a new Raid, where Guardians will have to take on Oryx, the father of Crota, and his new army called the Taken. Hopefully this makes up for House of Wolves lacking its own Raid.

Bungie has declined to make any official comments on The Taken King DLC, which helps legitimize the existence of this supposed expansion. If the reports of this DLC weren't true, most game studios would simply say there is no such project in development. At this point, Bungie representatives can't just say, "yes, we're working on it — see more at E3," because that would just spark more attention and take even more of the surprise out of revealing it on the E3 stage next week.