Red Bull gives you wings, and all that taurine helped unearth Destiny's next big expansion, "The Taken King."

IGN reports that Destiny's next big expansion, "The Taken King," will be hitting this Sept. A group of Destiny fans on Reddit found Destiny promotional codes on some Red Bull packs, which help give you experience points and unlock an "epic quest" in an expansion that has yet to be formally revealed by Bungie.

Here's one of the promotion's advertisements (note that the listed website is still under construction):

Bungie / Red Bull

"The Taken King" is expected to debut sometime in September, which would coincide with the game's one year anniversary. The first DLC expansion to Destiny, "The Dark Below," launched on Dec. 9, 2014, just three months after the game launched. "The House of Wolves" expansion recently launched a few weeks ago, roughly five and a half months since "The Dark Below" was released. "The Taken King"s supposed September launch window would put it roughly five months after the "House of Wolves" debut. Jim Charne, the Activision attorney who filed the trademarks for "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves," did the same for "The Taken King" just last month.

We have a feeling this expansion might be a little bit heavier on the content compared to the last two. The expansion was said to have the codename "Comet: Plague of Darkness," which was a pretty bland moniker to begin with. This expansion would likely be coming with new character subclasses, missions, Crucible maps, weapon types and more. We have a feeling it'll have enough content to warrant its own disc-based release at retail stores.

We'll just have to wait until E3 later this month to see what Activision and Bungie have up their sleeves when it comes to Destiny.