Less is more in Destiny's competitive multiplayer Crucible mode this week as Inferno Clash makes its debut today, and we expect matches in this simplified PvP format will catch fire very quickly.

Bungie has announced Inferno Mode is coming back to Destiny. Inferno Clash focuses on one thing: kills. There are no random scoring events or territories to focus on. You have nothing to worry about but a group of respawning enemy players to frag. Assists don't even score points in this mode, and the only way to do so is to directly kill an opponent. If that weren't enough, radar will be disabled during Inferno Clash matches for everybody, so good luck trying to find enemy players to kill without being exceptionally keen on your surroundings.

Some might be thinking "that's alright, I'll just grab Heavy Ammo as often as possible and rack up the kills that way." Inferno Clash has you covered by having only one Heavy Ammo drop per match. One. Uno. Instead of that ammo killing other players quickly, we suspect that many players will be killed on their way to claiming the ammo before anyone can use it.

This is the kind of simplistic first-person shooter multiplayer gameplay that made the format so popular in the first place. Five-on-five in direct competition with zero focus on other objectives is the way we might rekindle our love with the world of Destiny. Good on you, Bungie.

Destiny's new Inferno Clash mode is out now on all versions of the game.