Bungie is looking to change the way that people hear and see Destiny, or at least it's trying to make the game more accessible across the board.

In this week's Bungie Weekly Update, DeeJ explains the new audio and visual features that are coming to Destiny. While it's clear that the team over at Bungie may be finally getting that some players would rather not listen to Destiny's award-winning soundtrack (and that godawful Paul McCartney song — yes, we said it), it's still worked in a way for players to listen to their own music. You now have the option to turn off the game's music. The other big problem with Destiny's audio settings was the inability to turn down the game noise and the Fireteam sounds separately. Now, Bungie's audio team has added an option to adjust them individually, so you can balance your team's complaining and whining with all those gunshots.

In terms of visual changes, the team at Bungie is looking to improve gameplay for those who are colorblind or have problems distinguishing colors properly. Brad Fish, Bungie's User Interface Engineering Lead, was happy to implement some new settings to cater to those who have problems distinguishing between colors, especially since some parts of the game rely heavily on being able to figure out what color means what. Now, there will be various color blind modes for people to choose from in order to get the best gameplay experience possible. There will now be four different color modes to choose from: Off (Default), Deuteranopia (Red-Green), Protanopia (Red-Green) or Tritanopia (Yellow-Blue) that will apply to many different aspects within the game, such as loot-type and enemy difficulty.

All of these updates will be coming soon with no set date as to when they will be launching, but at least we know that the team at Bungie is hard at work on these improvements to Destiny.