The Destiny and Far Cry 4 teams at Bungie and Ubisoft are each hosting a fundraiser to help those affected by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

Bungie and Ubisoft have each revealed their own fundraisers to help the unfortunate people affected by a catastrophic earthquake in the Kathmandu area of Nepal on April 25. This earthquake has already claimed the lives of nearly 5,500 people, leaving 11,000 wounded. These numbers are steadily increasing as more victims are being found in the rubble and debris throughout Kathmandu. Many of those fortunate enough to have survived found that their homes have been destroyed, making things exponentially worse for the already impoverished areas of Nepal.

Ubisoft has announced a joint venture with the Canadian Red Cross where the studio will match donations up to the first $100,000. The earthquake of Nepal resonated with its team members who spent the past few years working on Far Cry 4, as it was heavily inspired by Nepal and its people. The Canadian Red Cross is sending its traveling hospital teams over to Kathmandu to offer medical help and support.

The Destiny team at Bungie has started their own fundraiser for the people of Nepal. At the official Bungie store, you can buy a limited edition Nepal Aid shirt for $24.99. Bungie has said that 100 percent of the shirt's profits will be donated to charities helping in direct relief efforts throughout Nepal. Buying a shirt will get you a special download code for a custom in-game shader and emblem in Destiny that you can't get anywhere else. The shirts haven't been printed yet and are expected to ship in June.

We applaud both Ubisoft and Bungie in their generous efforts to help the unfortunate people of Nepal.