We get our first look into the inventory, loot, weapon and Strike (dungeon) systems of Destiny.

These two Destiny developer diary videos posted on the PlayStation Blog feature Bungie team members going into the various details of the game's inventory and Strike features. Destiny features a variety of ordnance for you to use besides your basic Halo ensemble of an assault rifle and sidearm. Every character class will have access to three broad categories of weapons that each trickle down into its own specific weapons types. Primary weapons will consist of auto-rifles and hand-cannons. Special weapons include shotguns and sniper rifles. Whereas Heavy weapons include rocket launchers and high-caliber machine guns that run on belt-fed ammo. Auto-rifles will include burst-fire pulse rifles, single-shot carbines and full-auto, machine gun-like assault rifles that are meant for close range, so just imagine how all the other subcategories will branch off into other weapon types.

An interesting thing to know about Destiny is that regardless of how many people are in your party, every item that you see drop is exclusive to you. The ammo and gear that enemies drop can only be looted by the you as well. Another interesting concept is Destiny's Strike program. Strikes are Destiny's version of cooperative dungeons that will send your teams of three into areas that are infested with hostiles and bosses in order to get rewards you normally can't get on your own.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Destiny when it launches on Sept. 9 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.