This new Soccer app will bring free soccer programming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 to get fans ready for the 2014 World Cup.

According to the Xbox Wire, Microsoft is adding the Destination Brazil app onto Xbox 360 and Xbox One later this month. The app will premier on June 15 and will let users stream the 'Every Street United' series which will follow two legendary soccer superstars as they try to find the most talented, undiscovered street soccer players throughout eight different countries. The show will be hosted by Dutch player Edgar Davids and the French footballer Thierry Henry as they try to find eight of the most prolific and unknown players in the world to compete in a 4v4 street game at the FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. The two soccer legends will be touring the United States, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, England, the Netherlands, Ghana and South Korea in order to find the best alleyway athletes in the world.

Destination Brazil will also bring you new ways to play FIFA 14 and FIFA Ultimate Team on Xbox One. On top of this, the app will offer many supplementary features, such as interactive videos that will introduce newcomers to the world of soccer (such as going over key terms, basic rules, advanced plays, etc.). The app will also provide analytical social media messages and pivotal statistics during matches to help newcomers stay engaged with the game.