In light of the death of the beloved actor Robin Williams, The Quinnspiracy has decided to continue with its planned release of its interactive fiction title, Depression Quest, for the sake of promoting help and understanding.

While some naysayers might think that Depression Quest's release was too soon or even opportunistic based on recent events, its creators are releasing it for free, hoping that it will help promote a better understanding of depression, allow people see it in those around them (or even themselves) and to ultimately help those who have it.

Depression Quest itself is an interactive, text-based story where you deal with everyday life, manage your relationships (with both your best friend and girlfriend), work your job, deal with your feelings and try to manage your depression. The character you play as does not really realize that he is dealing with depression, but your actions and choices help determine whether or not he acknowledges it and how he proceeds in addressing his issues. While the game might sound bleak in its premise, it is a reminder that there is always a positive path to take to ward off depression, even if the person can't see it. Without a doubt, this is one of the most personal games we have ever seen.

With over 40k words of interactive stories, 150 possible encounters based on how you manage your episodes and multiple endings, Depression Quest is a deep, insightful look at one of the most prevalent and undiagnosed mental disorders in the world. You can download Depression Quest for free via Steam or on its official website.