This new tower defense game is shaping up to be quite the intergalactic war.

The Kickstarter campaign for Defense Grid 2 may have fallen short of reaching its goal, but we're glad to see that an investor has recognized Hidden Path's talent in its first title and stepped in to save the day. When compared to Hidden Path's first video featuring Defense Grid 2's alpha gameplay, things have certainly started to look up. It appears that Hidden Path has redesigned nearly everything from the ground-up while ironing out the alpha's sluggish graphics. This new trailer shows off new levels, new units and a new engine -- it looks as if Defense Grid 2 is going to become heavyweight in the tower defense genre.

Given that six years have passed since the original title's debut, we're sure that Hidden Path will offer an array of new gameplay modes fans hoped for in the first Defense Grid. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any sign of competitive or co-op multiplayer matches. Nevertheless, Hidden Path has plenty of time on its hands if these gameplay modes were to be included.

Defense Grid 2 is expected to debut later this year as a digital download for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.