A new trailer for Capcom's mysterious upcoming title Deep Down was shown at SCE Japan Press Conference 2013. The trailer sheds a bit a more light on the game, but a lot of it remains a deep secret.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono introduced the techno-infused trailer above and then went over a bit of the game, letting us know that it was to be an online multiplayer game in which players would band together to complete goals. One of the mechanics in the game features tapping into memories of the past contained within different items such as the jar-like object in the beginning of the trailer.

Maps will be automatically generated in the game, as well as the monsters and equipment you'll come across. But perhaps the most surprising detail is that this game is set in the year 2094 in New York City. Yeah, let that sink in a bit.

Check out the trailer above and look out for more tidbits about Deep Down. We'll bring you all the goods as soon as more info is released. Deep Down will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, which launches in North America on Nov. 15, and in Japan on Feb. 22, 2014