Capcom's version of Dark Souls takes a futuristic twist in this new trailer for Deep Down.

The free-to-play, dungeon-crawling adventures of Deep Down look better than ever with this new trailer unveiled during the 2014 Tokyo Game Show. While Capcom may have announced that Deep Down's beta has been delayed to 2015, we're glad to hear the narrations of the trailer done in English, which helps cement the idea that this game will have a western release.

Watching Deep Down in action makes us wish more games were current-gen exclusives. Deep Down blends the gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter, and throws in the grotesque imagination of Diablo 3's monster designs. Watching these creatures in action just left us awe-struck in terms of how great Deep Down looks. We must admit, going back and forth between Deep Down's dank dungeons and its futuristic settings looked fantastic.

Deep Down will launch as a free-to-play, exclusive title on PlayStation 4. Expect lots of paid downloadable and freemium content to help fund Deep Down, because Capcom.