A new gameplay trailer for Capcom's epic free-to-play fantasy game Deep Down has launched ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, showing off some more of this amazing looking game in action. However, this new trailer has come with a cost: the beta test has been delayed to 2015.

DualShockers reports that Capcom has announced the delay of Deep Down with this gameplay trailer being introduced by Kazunori Sugiura, Deep Down's producer. During the introduction to the trailer, Sugiura said (translated from Japanese), "the public beta test for the game has been delayed to 2015 in order to deliver the best possible experience, also apologizing to the fans that have been waiting since the unveiling show of the PS4."

This is not the first delay for the Deep Down beta, as it was originally planned to start this summer in Japan. Furthermore, the game is still considered Japan-only for the time being, so Western players will have to wait even longer to play this good-looking game. We must admit, this is what a current-gen game should look like. Here's to hoping Capcom figures things out and gets the beta going, as we'd really love to see this game in more detail, and we can't do that until more people get to play it.

Deep Down will be launching exclusively on PlayStation 4 as a free-to-play title, which will likely have lots of microtransactions to help fund it. Nevertheless, we're still shocked a game that looks so gorgeous will be free-to play, but it's Capcom, so expect tons of paid DLC and freemium content on its launch date.