Capcom's Monster Hunter and Dark Souls-esque dungeon crawler, Deep Down, impresses the hell out of us with just a few seconds of tech demo footage.

VG247 reports that these tech and animation demos for Deep Down were part of the CEDEC developer sessions in Tokyo. Looking at the visual effects of each of these creatures, especially in the first video, reminds us of the untapped capabilities of the PlayStation 4. The more we get to see of Deep Down, the more we hope that the free-to-play aspect of it won't wreck such a gorgeous game. We know Capcom is known for milking a franchise for as much as it's worth with the likes of day-one downloadable content, re-releases, etc. Given how beautiful and different Deep Down seems, we don't even mind what kind of freemium content it'll have during its debut.

We must comment on the nipples of the monster in the first video -- seriously, what the hell are those things.

Deep Down will be a free-to-play exclusive on PS4. The beta for Deep Down is expect to launch in Japan sometime in early 2015. Here's to hoping the North American beta is right behind it.