We can't wait until that bastion of 4th Wall-destroying irreverence, Deadpool, comes out with his very own game. Until then, we'll have to whet our appetites with these new screenshots.

High Moon Studios is hard at work on the game, but at least they've given us a few new screens to keep up our levels of excitement. When he's not slicing up his enemies (while making fun of them!), then he's snarfing down junk food or just posing for his audience. It's the Deadpool we've come to love, especially since Nolan North will be reprising his role as the mouth of the merc.

There's no specific release date yet (hurry up, you devs!), but the game is still set for a 2013 release. And while we wait, how about checking out the 4th Wall-breaking teaser trailer that started all of the buzz? Be sure to take a look at the new screenshots as well!