The boisterous Deadpool might become the Merc with a Release Date, now that a scan from a comic book shows an ad with a release window for the game.

Deadpool fan site, Deadpool Bugle, has posted a scan that shows an ad from High Moon, Activision, and Marvel, letting Wade himself introduce his own game.

It lets us know that we can pre-order the game at and that we'll be able to play break through the 4th Wall in Summer 2013.

Before this scan, the only info we had about any kind of release for the game was that it'd debut in 2013. Now that we can prepare for some superhero madness by working out intensely. Once we're sufficiently fit, we can spend the rest of the summer vegging out and letting our muscles atrophy while we play Deadpool.

Are you going to get the game and enjoy all of Wade Wilson's irreverence? Sound off in the comments section!