Since the Resident Evil franchise did relatively well in theaters (especially for a video game-based movie series), Capcom is bringing its hilarious sister franchise, Dead Rising, to Hollywood as well.

In an interview with Slash Film, director Zach Lipovsky revealed a ton of details about his upcoming digital movie based off of the Dead Rising franchise. We have learned that Jesse Metcalfe ('John Tucker Must Die', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Dallas') will be playing the movie's lead role, with Meghan Ory ('Once Upon A Time', 'Intelligence'), Virginia Madsen ('Sideways', 'Candyman', 'The Number 23'), Dennis Haysbert ('24', 'The Unit') and Keagan Connor Tracy ('Bates Motel', 'Once Upon A Time', 'Battlestar Galactica') all playing supporting roles. Lipovsky will be making the digital film for Legendary Pictures and is known for doing the visual effects of Fox's 'On The Lot' and directing WWE Studios' abysmal 'Leprechaun: Origins', which is a very bad sign.

Lipovsky revealed that his Dead Rising film will focus on adventure, making it like, "Indiana Jones with zombies." He also cites that the series' staple of having hundreds of zombies on screen at once will definitely return. The movie will take place between the events of Dead Rising 2 and 3 and Lipovsky strongly hinted that Frank West will be in the movie. The movie's story will revolve around (you guessed it) a zombie outbreak and tracing the epidemic's source. Since the original game was heavily inspired by George Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead', we can pretty much assume the movie will not be taking place in the first game's mall setting.

'Dead Rising' has just started filming this week and will likely debut sometime in 2015.

Dead Rising is more funny than creepy, but that's just fine. 

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