The resort-based first-person zombie basher, Dead Island, is getting a multiplayer online battle arena makeover in Dead Island Epidemic. It looks as though Deep Silver is offering to let us join in on the beta.

Instead labeling it as a MOBA, Deep Silver is whimsically calling Dead Island Epidemic a 'ZOMBA.' Dead Island Epidemic's website stated that all newly-registered accounts to the beta will be added to the 30,000 alpha testers before they officially start the closed beta. Those who get accepted into the Epidemic's alpha will get in-game items they can keep afterwards that will be exclusive to alpha testers only.

Dead Island Epidemic is a competition between multiple teams of four to try and outdo each other as their group grabs supplies, holds landmarks and starts bludgeoning their way through waves of the undead. Unlike most MOBAs, Epidemic will feature WASD controls as Deep Silver has been vocal of their opposition to the genre's traditional click-to-move format.

While no release dates for either the final version of Dead Island Epidemic or its beta have been announced, would-be zombie slayers can still sign up for the alpha and beta here.