Sony has announced Dead Island 2 with a crazy new trailer that brings the game's undead madness to the Golden State. They also announced that Deep Silver's sequel will feature exclusive content on the PS4, including an exclusive 30-day beta.

A fun trailer, Dead Island 2's announcement shows an oblivious runner blissfully unaware of the zombie-fueled carnage all around him. After a long sequence of unacknowledged bedlam, a previously unexplained wound on his arm begins to spread, and he quickly goes from swaggering to shambling. Despite his transformation, the zombie runner actually maintains a pretty good clip, especially for a dead guy. Perhaps this means that, unlike in most zombie games, these undead will be able to run instead of just mindlessly lumbering around.

Sony announced that zombie hunters will be get their first chance to play Dead Island 2 on PS4, thanks to a 30-day exclusive beta. PlayStation players will also have access to an exclusive playable character and exclusive game level.

Dead island 2 is set for a Spring 2015 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.