The launch of this first-person fright fest has been temporarily delayed because it's that damn scary.

That's right, Zombie Studios had to push back the release date of Daylight by a few weeks. The team behind this exploratory horror title explained that since Daylight is being developed in a completely different manner than most other first-person horror titles, they wanted to make sure that it comes out perfect, especially since this will only be the second title to strictly debut on PlayStation 4 and PC (the first being Outlast). Factor in the news we heard about Twitch users being able to alter the predicaments of your game as you broadcast live, and we are completely fine with Zombie Studios taking its time.

Daylight's new release date is Apr. 29. For the first two weeks of its release, PlayStation Plus subscribers can get Daylight for $9.99, whereas non-subscribers will be able to buy it for $11.99.  Anyone who pre-orders Daylight for PC between now and Apr. 29 can get it for the discounted price of $9.99. After this promotion, Daylight will be set at a standard $14.99 price for both PC and the PlayStation Network.