We now know when Zombie Studios' anticipated horror game, Daylight, will start terrorizing gamers everywhere.

Polygon reports that Daylight is set to drop in April for PC and PlayStation 4. This survival horror game puts you in a first-person perspective where your only tool is your cell phone. In other words, there are no actual weapons for you to use in Daylight.

Your cellphone acts as your single source of light while you explore an abandoned hospital. With no memory as to how you were brought there, you must navigate the dank areas of the hospital in order to find your way out. Unfortunately, the hospital is haunted and you must unravel its mysterious, deadly past in order to find out why you were brought there and to find a way out.

In a gameplay walkthrough with Zombie Studios director, Jarred Gerritzen, IGN was told of Daylight's expected launch. Zombie Studios also said that they were also planning on having support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. We will continue to provide more details about Daylight's release (and hopefully its Oculus Rift version), once more information becomes available.