Red Hook has released a teaser trailer for its gothic, 2D RPG, Darkest Dungeon.

This teaser for Darkest Dungeon focuses on turn-based, role-playing game combat mixed with a unique visual style that Red Hook has utilized. According to Red Hook, everything you do can positively or negatively affect your stress levels. Based on the Victorian-era costumes, it looks like sickness and the plague play roles in Darkest Dungeon. If you encounter a feral dog, get bitten and catch rabies, we're pretty sure your stress level will increase.

While you're managing your characters' stress levels, you've got plenty of enemies to deal with, including skeletons and all sorts of other dungeon-variety monsters. Characters have access to blunderbuss-style guns, melee weapons and healers. As your characters' stress levels skyrocket, you'll lose the control of your characters. Red Hook is putting a focus on unpredictability, and we can't wait to see what Darkest Dungeon will have in store for us.

Darkest Dungeon will start its fight in 2015 for PS4 and PS Vita.