The biggest eSports tournament in the world for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was met with exploits and cheating software in its semifinals, contributing even more controversy to the event.

Polygon reports that the DreamHack world tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made a ruling that using unstoppable exploits during its eSports matches were against the rules. Sweden-based Counter-Strike team Fnatic was facing a nine-round deficit against the French team, LDLC. Fnatic's members jumped off of one another to reach an area of the Overpass map that left them invulnerable but still able to shoot their opponents. They easily bounced back to win the game, 16-13. DreamHack refs ordered the match replayed due to "texture transparency and an immortal bug." Fnatic ended up forfeiting the rematch.

LDLC then faced Na'Vi, who won a last minute qualifier against a substitute team. Na'Vi's original opponents in the qualifiers were disqualified (likely for cheating or exploiting). As Na'Vi faced LDLC, both teams ended up being dismissed from the tournament as each side had players caught by Valve's Anti-Cheat police software. The tournament's semifinals were restructured accordingly.

Last month, we reported that the DreamHack eSports Festival's CEO was fired while preparing for the event.