This concept art for the sixth major Hitman game depicts exactly what we were expecting: Agent 47 in a suit blending into a crowd outside of a highly secure building he must infiltrate.

IO Interactive has released the first piece of concept art for its next console entry of the Hitman series. Like Hitman: Absolution, this Hitman title will run on IO Interactive's proprietary Glacier 2 engine. Originally, Square Enix's new Montreal studio was meant to develop the next Hitman title. Due to layoffs at IO Interactive, Square Enix Montreal will be focusing on multiple smartphone and tablet games. IO Interactive has dropped all of its side projects and other initiatives in order to focus solely on this Hitman project.

IO Interactive has mentioned that Hitman will be noticeably absent from E3 2014 in order to iron-out the game before presenting it to the world. In other words, IO Interactive isn't ready to present the next Hitman yet, which can be attributed the cuts that recently happened at the studio. IOI also hinted that there is a another mobile Hitman game in the works.

Hopefully the wait for either won't be too long, but we're glad IO is taking the time to get both Hitman games right.